Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Been awhile since the last post.....

Well 2013 is almost over wow where did this year go. This year seen us moving my sister to a retirement apartment and Linda's parents down here to San Jose to The Villages.
Both were good to happen.
Year started with Dick, Linda dad in ICU and life support on New Years day.. and is ending with him still with us and living in San Jose. All though in not as good or health as a few years ago but still kicking.
Jo Ellen's move but her in a apartment more the space she needs and less work and headaches of the mobile home. Less work for me!
Both moves were allot of work for Linda and I but things are better off this way.
Had a nice cruise vacation with our friends Chris and Debbie back in March and lots of time at the beach house. But still never enough :-)
Plans to be there for New Years again and a few day down in SoCal to Disneyland should be fun.
My company purchased or opened another 36 branch and we are now have 40 location in 7 states.
Do not think we are done growing and has meant some time in Michigan...
Going forward looks like I may be doing some traveling again with all the new locations. Will have to see how it all works out.

That is for now!