Thursday, April 4, 2013

Long time since the last posting. Allot has been going on. April 1st has been one year since Railway sold. The new company location went live on our system October 1st. Joe and Narda left the company end of  January.The put all of Joe work onto me. January was 10 years since we closed on the Pismo house. Hard to believe we have had it that long already. Nice to know that in the down turn we figured out a way to hold on to it.
Went on our first real vacation last month. that is actually taking a trip somewhere and not spending all our vacation time down at the beach. Went on our 9th cruise with our friends Chris and Debbie Acosta.
This was there first time to the Caribbean our 5th. Eight days on the cruise and two days in Fort Lauderdale.
We all had a great time. We decide we want to go again together maybe to Europe.
All for now